Ways to Earn without a Team

There are two main ways you can earn based on your own personal effort; through product sales and building a clientelle.

Product Sales

Every Files by Less Distributor can earn by selling product.  Your Distributor pricing allows you to make significant profits when you purchase your own inventory and sell the products at the suggested retail price.  Files retail pricing is very competitive with other quality brands, and once your customers try Files Gel, they will never go back!

You can also use your unique link to send customers to the www.filesbyless.com website.  You make slightly less from online sales, but there are advantages to this approach.

  • You can gain customers from all over the country.
  • You earn from your customers every time they re-order online.
  • Your online customers can potentially become your team partners if they ever decide to become a Files distributor themselves.

Building a Clientelle

This approach is legally reserved for licensed nail technicians, however just a couple of clients can cover the cost of your product each month. Files mentors can help you learn how to grow a list of steady, loyal clients who are always happy to see you.