Our Story

Files By Less is a Gel Nail Polish and Accessories company located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

"Files" was started in January 2017 by Celest "Less" Wolfgramm, a successful nail technician passionate about great products and empowering women.

Celest graduated from nail school in 2010.  When she first finished, she found it extremely difficult to build a solid clientele & find continued education to master the nail tech industry. Over 3 years Celest developed a client-building system that enabled her to grow her business and maintain a steady flow of loyal clients.  

Despite her success, Celest soon realized that she had maximized her earning potential.  Her schedule was completely full, and she could only do so many sets of nails in a day.  She started thinking about things like, "How can I support a family with this income?", "How can I afford health insurance?", "Will I ever be able to retire?"

Celest had found a passion in nails, but realized it wasn't going to be enough.  She also recognized that other nail technicians were expressing similar limitations and concerns. She wanted more for herself and others.

At that point in her career, Celest started talking to mentors about her idea to start Files By Less She didn't think much of it at the time, but she started communicating with manufacturers & nail techs in her current salon that she was working in. She always talked about her passion for nails and desire to create a better gel polish and program that could take her career to a new level and help other women accomplish more. 

 Celest wasn't sure what or how this was all going to come about but decided to go for it . She would constantly explain her passion for nails and what she envisioned as a bigger future for herself and others.  The following week, She researched gel nail polishes and manufacturing facilities, she sent for samples from the top manufacturers in the US and set up a meeting with FBL founders & invited them to test out the products . 

With just a few small tweaks, they had a gel nail product that was a total home run!  Over the next few months, Celest developed FilesbyLess brand and marketing strategy that could make a difference for women everywhere.  Celest and many of her nail technician friends, now Founders of the company, selected colors and started spreading the word about FilesbyLess.

Celest's mission has become the mission of FilesbyLess, to offer the best quality nail products in a way that empowers women to be more SUCCESSFUL more POWERFUL and more SECURE.

Files Launch Party - Celest "Less" Wolfgramm and Dr Paul Benson