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Step Two - Team Building

Now that you have made your own personal commitment, you have empowered yourself to help others make the commitment too!  

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping
others succeed." ~ Napolean Hill

Empowering women is one of the central missions of Files by Less, and we invite you to help us make a difference for women everywhere.  As you help others succeed, you will also further establish your own success.

As you invite others to get involved, you are giving them greater pricing on their own product and the potential to earn by following the Files by Less Success System.  You are also gaining the potential for a passive residual income and exponential long-term earnings.

The Files Team Building Goal is to bring in 2 to 4 committed partners... NOT to sign up as many people as possible.  Read why here. ---> Slow Down to Speed Up

Your Names List***

The first step to successful team building is writing a list of names.  Take 30 minutes to sit down and write the names of every person you can think of that you might want to partner up with.  Don't overthink it.  Just write down names.  Then go back and prioritize.  Number the first 4 people you would choose if it were up to you.  

*** Important: This is a written list, NOT a mental list.

The Direct Invitation***

Now that you have in mind who you would like to work with, give them a call!  Set up an in-person time to talk about being partners.  You can invite them to a Files Nail Party (Girls Night), or a more personal sit down over coffee, lunch or dinner.  Let them know why you aligned yourself with Files and why you specifically want to work with them.  Tell them what you're up to and invite them to be part of it.

*** Important: Email, text messages or social media posts are passive, indirect and impersonal. They are great for letting everyone know what you're up to, and might even yield some customers, but they are a horrible way to start a business relationship.

Monthly Girls Night

While you are working to build a team, you should personally hold at least one party per month. The Files Girls Night is a great place to share the opportunity, show off product, practice nail art, and most importantly, have fun together!  

Whoever brought you into Files should make an effort to attend your parties to provide support and training.  As your partners start holding their own parties, you should be willing to make the same effort for them. This creates a strong overlapping support network.  In the beginning, you will be spending a lot of time with the ladies, but the long-term reward is worth it.  Over time you will be able to scale back your involvement as your partners' teams solidify.

Step Three - Team Bonding