Step Three - Team Bonding

By this stage in the game, you have a team in place.  This could mean you have just one committed partner or a growing team, but either way, strengthening the partnership bonds is vital for long-term success. 

Files Girls Nights

The mainstay of team bonding in the Files Success System is once again the Files Girls Night!  Even when your team is solid, you should plan on two parties every month; 1) with the partner who invited you to the team along with their other partners, and 2) a party of your own with all the partners you invited to get involved.

New products, promos and other information is easily passed from one partner to the next during these events, and more importantly, spending time together, planning and communicating can create a long-lasting bond.

"Teamwork makes the dream work!"

You should have created the Girls Night habit during the team-building phase.  The only difference in the team-bonding phase of business is that you will spend less time attending parties of all the partners you helped get involved.

Make sure to always "book a meeting from a meeting" so you don't find yourself struggling all month to schedule a day that works for everyone.  You might consider having a set day of the month (eg. the 1st Wednesday night) to make the habit easier.

Online Participation

Another aspect of strengthening team bonds is via the Files Founders and Distributors Facebook Group and the Files by Less main Facebook Page.  Whatever you think about Facebook, it is a good place to stay on the same page and communicate with the entire team, to keep in touch throughout the month and to celebrate minor victories and successes with each other.  

You might consider starting your own Facebook group for your personal team, but be sure to use proper online etiquette when adding people.

Other points to keep in mind...

  • Commenting on posts boosts popularity through Facebook's algorithms to create a following and get Files name out to the greater Facebook community.
  • Tagging the main Facebook page on your own posts can help create interest and awareness.  
  • When you post pictures of your nail art creations, remember to share the product name you used.

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