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Files Distributor Goals and Milestones

Files by Less Milestones on the Road to Success

Files Distributor Goals and Milestones

As you set goals to advance your personal Files business, it is good to keep certain milestones in mind.  Get moving along the Steps to Success, and every time you reach another milestone, celebrate your progress along the Path to Success.

Milestone 1 - Save money on your own product!

The first milestone is the easiest to reach.  All you have to do is become a Files by Less Distributor, and you are already saving money on a product you already want or need.  Anyone that uses quality nail products can recognize the great pricing on Files by Less gel nail products and accessories.  Subscribing for the Three Colors of the Month is a cost-effective way to consistently add fresh, new and exciting colors to your collection.

Milestone 2 - Break even!

The first real goal of any business is to break even so that your income is greater than your expenses.  Many large businesses can take years to become profitable, but this is a fairly simple goal as a Files by Less Distributor.

Here are a few examples of ways you can cover your basic expenses as a Files Distributor.  We like to say that "Your product is FREE!" when you reach this milestone.

  1. Sell 6 individual bottles of gel base coat, top coat or colors.  
    Your profit from just a few sales can generate enough earnings to cover the cost of your Three Colors of the Month.  As your customer base grows, you can increase your inventory without affecting your bottom line.
  2. Do 2 manicures.
    For licensed nail techs, just a couple of clients will more than cover the cost of your product.
  3. Invite others to partner with you as Files by Less Distributors.
    Team building is ne way to quickly reach profitability and a great way to start earning a passive, residual income based on helping others succeed. Working with each committed partner to help them develop 2 to 4 partners of their own can create a growing long-term exponential income almost without limit.

Each of the above items can make you profitable by itself.  Do all three for even better results!

Milestone 3 - Earn Extra Spending Cash

Once you break even, the next goal is to bring in enough extra cash to make life just a little better.  A few hundred extra dollars per month can mean an extra night on the town, cover a car payment, bills or rent, or add up enough for a nice trip.  You may not quite have financial freedom, but it's a good start in the right direction.

Continue to focus on the above activities to start earning more!  Promote product, build a clientele (for licensed nail techs), or focus on Team Building or Team Bonding activities.

Milestone 4 - Gain a Part/Full Time Income

As you continue to focus on the basic Steps to Success, you can gain a part or full-time income.  Gaining loyal product customers, consistent nail clients and a growing team all have the potential for this kind of income.  Put them together, and you can reach this milestone relatively quickly.

Milestone 5 - Total Financial Freedom

The fastest way to gain Total Financial Freedom is through consistent effective Team Building and Team Bonding, but once again, there is great power in the combination of customers, clients and partners.