Simplified Referral Bonus Structure

We have simplified the Files by Less Referral Program with an easy-to understand Bonus Structure.  You can join the program for free as an Affiliate, or subscribe to the Three Colors of the Month to earn as a Distributor.

Both affiliates and distributors gain a Personal Discount Code worth 20% OFF all Files by Less products.  This is applied at check out and can be used by customers or for personal purchases. You also gain a Personal Sales Bonus for these sales which is 2% for affiliates 10% for distributors. 

Once a customer uses your code, they become your customer for life, unless they create a new account with a different email.  When customers join the Referral Program, they continue to be your customer, and as an added bonus, you get to earn from their efforts as well.  We call that the Leadership Bonus.

Customer Savings - 20%
Affiliate and Distributor Savings - 20%

Affiliate Earnings

  • Personal Sales Bonus - 2%
  • Leadership Bonus - 3%

Distributor Earnings

  • Personal Sales Bonus - 10%
  • Leadership Bonuses
    Level Two - 5%
    Level Three - 5%
    Level Four - 5%
  • Additional Team Bonuses
    Levels Five to Nine - 1%

We encourage a sustainable team-building approach where each person works to create just a few solid partnerships.  Team members can gain free products and earn a nice income with just two committed partners.  Working toward 3 or 4 solid partnerships can gradually create a serious full-time income.  

Below are two graphs showing the potential earnings as a distributor works to create a solid partnership based team then helps their partners do the same.  The numbers are based only on the $35.97 Three Colors of the Month subscription from team members, so any additional product purchases from customers, affiliates of distributors within the team would enhance these numbers.

   Three Person Team   Four Person Team

Contact any Files by Less affilliate or distributor with questions on how to become part of the Files by Less Referral Program!