Drawings and Giveaways

We love having fun at Files by Less!  Our qualification drawings are just one fun way to incentivize some of the actions that lead to success, but stay focused on the Steps to Success to get really rocking results.

To qualify for the next drawing, Files Distributors must be subscribed to the Three Colors of the Month by the last day of February.  Get one entry for your own subscription.  Get additional entries for every personal partner that subscribes!  

Qualified Distributors
 Name  Number of Entries
Celest Wolfgramm 4
Lexi Foutz 3
Britnie Moore 5
Meghan Lee 3
Jessica Burrows 1
Bobbi Snyder 1
Mercedes Madill 1
Jena Martinez 1
NiCole Fisher 1
Jenn Burningham 3
Jennifer Brown 1
Karen Kenworthy 1
Katy Stephenson 1
Pualei Furtado 1
Kelly Earl 2
Candyce Franklin 1
Madeline Murdock 2
Dayna Adams 1
Tasha Holt 1
Previous winners
Jennifer Burningham - Cruise to Mexico or the Bahamas from Voyaggo Vacations and Cruise for a Cause!
Lexi Foutz - Lip Injections from Dr. Benson
March Drawing!